More than half the people that search for a business now do it on a smart phone. Does your business have a mobile friendly website designed yet?

Smart phones are here to stay and most adults now have one. You probably have one yourself and use it to search for things online. So do your customers, that's why you need to have a website designed that displays correctly on all mobiles and tablets.

A mobile friendly website is a website that will appear normally on a laptop or desktop computer but then when someone visits the website on a mobile device or tablet computer, it will display a version of the website that makes it easier to navigate on the mobile device.

People don’t like having to zoom in and Zoom out of websites on their mobile phones. Having to constantly pinch the touch screen to see small writing, then zoom out to see the rest of the page can irritate potential customers. When links are close together and they click a link and it brings them to the wrong page can also cause potential customers to leave your website and choose one of your competitors that do have a mobile friendly website.

Now that more people use their smartphone to search it means any website you have designed has to be mobile friendly. Here at Belfast Website Design all of our websites come mobile optimised as standard. Your new website will display correctly on all the different devices to make sure that you make it easy for potential customers to choose you.


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