So what is Responsive Website Design and why is it important to your business website?

A responsive website is a website that changes size and shape to fit on any screen it has to, whether it's mobiles, tablets or laptops / desktops.

Potential customers have different size computer screens, different devices and use different browsers like Chrome, Internet explorer etc. You need to make sure the website you have designed displays correctly on any device that a potential customer might use to make sure that you get as much new business as possible.

Designing a responsive website can be tricky and not every website designer can do it. In fact, most web designers still don’t offer this service or they charge extra money to make your website design responsive.

Here are Belfast Website Design all of the website we design come Responsive as standard. We’ll make sure your new website will appear perfectly on all the different browsers, all the different devices and on all different screen sizes.


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