Having a website designed is just the beginning, once you've done that you need to market your website on all the major search engines.

We offer the entire range of website marketing services in Belfast. From Search engine Optimisation (SEO), to Google Adwords (a.k.a Google Pay-per-click, PPC advertising), Social Media Marketing like Facebook and Twitter Promotion or advertising on other websites.

So what do all these website marketing services actually mean and how can you make sure they can work to get you more customers?

Search Engine Optimisation a.k.a SEO

This is the process of making your website search engine friendly so that it appears at the top of all the major search engines in the natural listings when someone searches for what you do in your local area.

Most of the SEO is done during the building of the website. It includes initial keyword research, analysis of your competitors websites, analysing the current google rankings for the keywords you want to come up for, Writing the content of your website so that it ranks for all the best keywords and about 250 different factors that Google, Yahoo and Bing look at when they decide on website rankings for a keyword.

Here at Belfast Website Design all of our website designs come search engine optimised as standard. So all you have to do is handle the business that comes from having your Google friendly website.

Google Adwords a.k.a Google Pay-per-click advertising, PPC advertising

Google Adwords is when a company pays Google to be included at the top and down the right hand side of the Google search results. The good thing about Google pay per click marketing is that you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and visits your website.

Google PPC can be done by yourself if you have loads of time to come up with your keywords and set your adverts and spend a few hours a day monitoring your Adwords progress. However, most busy companies prefer to have a pay per click expert to handle their ppc marketing campaign for them.

Here at Belfast Web Design we are experts in Google Adwords Management. We offer a fully managed PPC service to all companies in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

We do everything from your Keyword Research and Competitor analysis to creating your adverts and managing your monthly Adwords budget. All you simply do is deal with the new customers that contact you from it.

Social Media Marketing a.k.a Facebook & Twitter Marketing 

Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter has become very popular places for businesses to attract new customers but also they can be used to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty, not to mention it makes it a lot easier for your Word of Mouth to spread.

If one customer you did a job for liked your Facebook page, about 300 of their friends would see your Facebook page on their Facebook Newsfeed. A big percentage of these friends would be around the same age and live close to them, therefore YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.

Here are Web Design Belfast we can make sure your potential customers can find you on Facebook and Twitter, but also Like, Share and Retweet about your business so that your word of mouth spreads as much as possible.

We can also make sure that your customers stay loyal to you by making sure they are updated about your offers, business news and pictures by allowing them to easily associate themselves with you across all the different social networks.

Third Party Website Advertising 

In Many different industries there are some big websites that offer advertising space and marketing. Examples of this would be:

Autotrader in the car sales industry

Trip advisor, Bookings.com, late rooms in the travel industry

Rightmove, Prime Location, Zoopla & Property Pal in the Estate Agent Industry.

There are also some super massive websites that cover most, if not all business industries. Examples of these sites would be Yell, Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree etc.

Here at Website Design Belfast we can make sure you are targeting and advertising on the right websites that will benefit your industry and generate you plenty of new customers.


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